AAMM Goals

Our mission is to advance active music making approaches in teaching and learning.




  1. To provide a forum for sharing philosophies of and approaches to general music teaching and learning.
  2. To promote and celebrate all people, musics, cultures, and their educational practices.
  3. To critically analyze established foundational approaches, and to learn with music educators and students who incorporate and value many ways of learning and teaching music.
  4. To promote cooperation and collaboration among music educators serving as university methods teachers, mentor teachers, classroom/special education teachers, and preservice teachers toward implementation of active music making.
  5. To provide resources that promote understanding and practice of active music making.
  6. To encourage on-going professional development in active music making approaches.
  7. To promote awareness among education leaders, policy makers, arts educators, preservice teachers, and the general public about active music making approaches.
  8. To encourage, support, and disseminate research regarding active music making.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance active music making approaches in teaching and learning.


The Alliance for Active Music Making will bring together people with diverse experiences, perspectives, and beliefs to critically examine general music practices, listen to each other, learn from one another, work cooperatively, and collaborate to promote life-enhancing music education for all.


Articles and videos about Dalcroze, Gordon, Kodály and Orff-Schulwerk approaches are available on my web-site.


"We believe the music educator must have the freedom to move in and out of different approaches, guided by foundational tenets that assist the intuitive teacher in discerning the best solution to meet the learner’s needs. Music teacher preparation must foster continued learning and provide that means." - Janet Moore

Approved November 2022